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About Us

We are an Israeli company inspired by values based on natural health. Alona Sperling, the founder of the company, has had many years of experience in different areas of Alternative Medicine.  She is a Chinese Doctor and is specialized in herbs, reflexology & Bach flowers. Alona has cared for many people facing health issues for more than 15 years with her personable attitude and a combination of natural techniques in many different aspects.

Alona Natural was established in 2020, with the purpose of creating solutions that help our body to resist and efficiently confront different virus and epidemic diseases such as the Corona virus, making our bodies stronger and our environment healthier, and helping us to better cope with diseases and health issues and to live better, in a natural way.

The future is in our hands.  We should reach out to solutions to protect ourselves in a better way, consume less poisons and use the wisdom of nature and the secrets that has been known for ages by our parents and grandparents and share their wisdom with all of us.

Alona Sperling lives in Israel and is a Holistic therapist in a variety of fields – Chinese physician, senior reflexologist, herbalist, Bach flowers, nutrition, clinic, yoga teacher and group instructor for over 15 years, doing so with love and dedication.