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My Philosopy

I believe that every person desires to give, to belong, and to be happy. Lack of love, support, faith and traumas can cause a person to be tense and deprive him of the ability to fulfill himself, to love himself and to be happy. My profession, which I have been doing for years –  working with people, guiding them and caring for them, is aimed at self-contemplation and spiritual growth which is helping to release the triggers of tension and aimed at finding inner strength, peace and happiness.

Therapeutic and educational background

In 2004, after years of working in high tech, I began to study the field of alternative medicine. I had seen that the root of any illness is mental stress, frustration, overload and imbalance in life in modern western society. I saw a need to provide solutions to people beyond what modern medicine can offer. To look at the totality of the human body, its sensitivity, and the imbalance in which it lives, its diet, its innate emotional and physical structure, and to give it exactly what it needs in a personalized and accurate way. I started working in the field in Israel in 2005.

Between 2007 and 2011, I worked in Costa Rica as an alternative therapist at the San Jose Therapeutic Center.

From 2011 till this day, I practice multidisciplinary holistic medicine in Kadima Zoran and Netanya in Israel, and teach body and mind yoga at the “Ilanot” center – A drugs and alcohol rehabilitation center

In 2015 I entered the field of Chinese medicine and for four years, I studied ancient Chinese medicine at the “Medicine College” in Israel.

The approach of ancient Chinese medicine, which sees man as a whole and as a microcosm of nature, is the exact language of the body and mind. The remedies I give my patients combine, as needed, plants from different fields of treatment: Chinese and Western medicinal herbs, Bach flowers and aromatherapy.