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iMProtect product line

iMprotect is a series of products developed by Alona based on the blend of oils known as the Four Thieves. In addition, after thorough research conducted by her, reading numerous articles, studying the subject in depth and  following the examination of the wonderful results obtained using Alona’s unique oil blends among her thousands of patients, she decided to distribute the product globally, especially during this period where the Corona epidemic is spreading worldwide and the exposure of the virus and other virus, protection of the body and the immune system, must be maximized in public places, at work and everywhere.

The effectiveness of the mixture in preventing contagions from virus, bacteria and fungi is very high. This is due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, the product is effective in the treatment of winter colds and illnesses, and serves as an anti-inflammatory treatment of muscle and body pain.



It all started in 2009, at that time I was living with my family in Costa Rica and the panic of a new and unknown disease called SARS started to spread worldwide.  People got infected and sick, and there was great chaos. It was there when I was first exposed to the story of “The 4 Thieves”. An Oil that was used about 500 years ago by four thieves in Europe, during the black epidemic and through which shielded them from the disease and so they could steal jewelry from people. Initially of course, I doubted the veracity of the story. But after exploring and studying the components of the oil, it turned out to be true,  each of the oils that take part in the oil mixture has very powerful healing and protection properties. And their combination further enhances their potential. I have tried different doses, and tested on my patients, some of whom had already contracted light and strong virus, and those who had been during their work in lots of places that were exposed to infections, airplanes, working with patients, children public spaces and parents of small children who got sick within the buses. Finally, I created the optimal blend of oils and I have been using this blend for myself, on my family and on many patients ever since. The responses I feel and receive from my surrounding are great. The oil is also effective in preventing communicable diseases and in dealing with diseases in the early stages and symptoms of winter diseases – influenza and cold. The oils heat and help with blood circulation. Using the oil can assist in stopping runny nose, it´s mucolytic in cough, relieves breathing and opens the sinuses, relieves painful muscles in colds, headache and throat pain and is effective in boosting the immune system. In addition, the oil blend calms the mind and relieves mental stress and anxiety.

Because the oil is also effective in aiding the body in inflammatory conditions, it is very effective when applied to painful areas of the body: neck, back, knees, ankles, joints and joints, abdomen and head.

Following the Corona epidemic in the world, I decided to submit this unique oil I developed to the world (PUBLIC), and do well not only to my patients and my immediate surroundings, but also anyone who needs protection and treatment anywhere in the world.

The following statements should not be considered as a medical indication or recommendation for treatment.

The iMPROTECT product line comes in several presentations:

 iMProtect Oil for treatment spraying based on olive oil and vitamin E: – In a glass bottle 30 ml / 1OZ

iMProtect Personal Natural Protective air Purifier, Multipurpose protecting personal air fresh, perfect to be used as face mask protection. extend face mask usage and add to it a protection layer based on essential oils that are continuing to actively protecting by staying on the mask after Alcohol has been vaporized.

 iMProtect pure essential oil based on the 4 thieves blend for burner/Vaporizers

The iMProtect products are based on the original oil blend I developed based on the famous four-thieves oil blend with additional ingredients such as Vitamin E in the Oil treating product and the Palm Rose and Lemon Grass oil in the Alcohol Spray Multipurpose protecting product fresh air product. The famous four-thief oil blend efficacy has been tested for years to prevent virus, bacterial and fungal infections due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, the product is effective in the treatment of winter colds and diseases, and in the treatment of anti-inflammatory muscle and body pain.