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The 4 Thieves Story

The ‘Four Thieves’ were very successful ‘grave robbers’ during the 13th century Black Plague. They used this blend, on their hands, and inside their masks, to avoid catching illnesses when raiding the homes, graves, and bodies of victims. 

The king heard this story of the thieves, and wanted to know how they were managing to not get sick, so he ordered to have them captured and brought to him. He gave them the option of sharing their recipe, or being burnt alive. 

The thieves shared the recipe, and that’s how it is now known as the Four Thieves Blend

Alona uses the 4 thieves blend as the basis for the iMProtect series of products in addition to ingredients such as Olive Oil , Vitamin E ,Palm Rose, Lemon Grass pure oils to assure high absorption great feeling and maximum effectiveness.